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How to Make a Weight Transfer in a Lure

How to Make a Weight Transfer in a Lure

How to Make a Weight Transfer in a LureEver wonder how to make a weight transfer in a lure? If so, you’ve found the right place to learn! Follow along as Youtube user CrankCraft shows you how to add a weight transfer to your homemade crankbait.

It all starts with either a homemade crankbait with a solid body, or a factory-made lure that you know for sure has a solid body where a cavity can be drilled out and used to add the weight transfer to it.

This process is extremely simple and anyone can do this, especially after watching the video below.

Items needed for this process are also basic and easy to obtain. Items such as a small drill bit, steel BBs, a small paper hole punch, super glue and an old plastic container are all readily available and are owned by most everyone. So finding what you need for this project shouldn’t be a concern.

Advantages to adding a weight transfer to your lure include easier casting, as the weight transfer shifts to the back of the lure while casting. And on the retrieve, the internal weight shifts to the front of the lure, giving the back half of your lure a livelier action.

So what’s involved in making a weight transfer lure?

Driiling The Hole for Your WeightWell, first off, you need a lure with a solid body. Hollow lure bodies won’t work for this, since adding any kind of internal weight will result in that weight just shifting around randomly inside the lure body, at will. So you need a lure with a solid body.

Next, you’ll need a few various items, listed below;


  • two small drill bits (1 very small to create a pilot hole and a 3/16 bit for drilling the actual hole)
  • a power drill (a cordless drill is fine)
  • some BBs (steel is preferred)
  • some super glue
  • some urethane or epoxy
  • a paper hole punch
  • a discarded plastic blister package

And that’s about it for materials.

The actual process of adding the weight to the inside of the lure is pretty easy and straightforward, as demonstrated in the video below. The first few times might take up to 10 minutes or so, but once you get this method down, it shouldn’t take more 5 minutes to do this to each crankbait.

So that pretty much covers everything. If you’re ready to learn how to make a weight transfer in a lure, just click Play on the video and enjoy!

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