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How to Build an Ice Fishing Rod

How to Build an Ice Fishing Rod

How to Build an Ice Fishing RodIt’s winter, which means lakes full of stiff water. It also means ice fishing for many anglers, so let’s talk about How to Build an Ice Fishing Rod.

Learning How to Build an Ice Fishing Rod isn’t really much different than learning how to build most other fishing rods. But there are a few small differences to consider.

One of those differences is the type of reel you’ll be using on the new rod. The other is the size of the rod itself.

Ice fishing rods are always smaller and lighter than rods you’d used when the water is soft. But the steps involved are virtually the same, as are the components.

Rods for use on open water are bigger, heavier and stronger. With ice rods, though, they are shorter and lighter action.

As you learn How to Build an Ice Fishing Rod, you’ll need to buy the same components as you would for an open water rod. We’ve listed them below the video.

One thing to keep in mind is that ice rods are really just lighter and smaller versions of typical spinning rods, tailored for use through a hole drilled in the ice.

Using an ice rod typically entails sitting directly over the hole and jigging your lure vertically, with no casting involved. This is the reasoning behind the short rod length and lack of brute strength in the rod action.

Enjoy the video below as he gives you great tips for building your own ice rod.

Items used for this project:

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