How To Make Ice Fishing Jigs

How To Make Ice Fishing Jigs

How To Make Ice Fishing JigsWant to learn How To Make Ice Fishing Jigs? You’ve found the right place!

When you start ice fishing regularly, you’ll realize pretty quickly that using small jigs is one of the best ways to catch fish through the ice.

Yes, some people prefer to use live bait, or maybe even dead bait. But if you prefer to be active when you ice fish, you will end up using a small jigging rod and small jigs to entice your target species into biting.

You Learn As You Go

As a kid living in Maine, I used to ice fish for big trout. We always used small, dead minnows. It wasn’t so much that I preferred this method for any specific reason. But as a kid of 10-11 years old, I didn’t really have access to live bait, so my buddy and I would walk the ice and find dead minnows that other anglers had discarded. Because it was easy, we just flowed with it.

These worked perfectly, caught lots of fish, and they were free!

Had we realized that small jigs worked so well, we probably would have opted for them, since it would have been more fun to actively jig for fish than to setup a tilt and throw snowballs at each other, or sit and shiver, as we waited for a flag on the tilts.

Once you figure out that you want to be able to learn How To Make Ice Fishing Jigs, you’ll need to gather up the basic items for doing so.

That list of items isn’t very lengthy, and we’ve included it below the video, to make it easier for you to find everything you need.

As always, be sure to pour your lead safely, using the proper protection to prevent burns and inhalation of airborne lead particles.

Enjoy, and catch lots of fish!

Items used for this project:

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