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How to Make an Underspin

How to Make an Underspin

How to Make an UnderspinUnderspins are a great bait for catching bass under a variety of conditions. They tend to shine, though, when the water is cold. Let’s learn How to Make an Underspin so we will be ready the next time we have to fish in cold water!

The underspin is a pretty simple bait. It only has a few parts and doesn’t require a ton of expertise when it comes to putting one together. The fact that it only requires a few parts also makes it an inexpensive bait to make.

And the best part is that you can choose to pour the heads yourself, as shown in the video below. Or, if you prefer not to pour lead and work with molds, hooks, wires, etc., you can just buy them pre-poured and pre-painted, and add the blades yourself. Either way, it saves you money and gives you 100% freedom when it comes to customizing your baits.

Where to Start

If you want to start from scratch and pour your own lead, you’ll need to gather the items needed. This will include the mold, the hooks, the wires, the blades, the swivels and the eyes. We have a list of all the items at the end of this post.

You will also need a pair of pliers, some gloves and some safety glasses, to make sure you stay safe while building these.

The Pouring

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary parts and materials, you’ll need to heat up your melting pot and get the mod prepared for pouring.

At this point, you will need to decide which size(s) you want to pour, and then add hooks to the corresponding cavities. Then pour to your heart’s content!

The Paint

How to Make an UnderspinWhen you’ve reached the quantity you were working toward, then it’s time to get ready to paint the heads.

You can do a single color or multiple colors on each head. No mater which color(s) you choose, powder paint is your best bet for easy painting and a super-durable finish that will last and last.

Powder paint requires no spraying, creates no fumes, needs no special ventilation, and it’s super, super easy to do. Just be sure to bake your baits in the oven after painting, to make the finish rock-hard and super-durable.

And, since you’re painting it yourself, you can be as basic or as fancy as you want to be. You’re the boss 🙂

Assembling Your New Underspins

As you can see already, learning How to Make an Underspin is pretty easy. So, at this point, all you have left to do is to assemble your new underspin. Because there are very few components, it’s really just a matter of adding some stick-on eyes and then attaching a swivel and a blade.

And that’s it.

Using Pre-poured Heads

Swim MinnowNow, if you want to skip all of the lead pouring and painting, you can just get the pre-painted underspin heads, along with the blades and swivels, and you’ll be well onto your way to having what you need to make your own custom underspins, without all the fuss and work.

Best of all, Using these pre-poured, pre-painted heads means you’ll only need to attach a swivel and a blade and you’re finished. You’re ready to add a soft plastic trailer and go catch some fish with it.

The How-To

Now that you’re somewhat familiar with the process of How to Make an Underspin, be sure to watch the video below, so you can see it being done and follow the steps one-by-one.


Items used for this project:

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