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Building a Rattle Chamber in a Wooden Fishing Lure

Building a Rattle Chamber in a Wooden Fishing Lure

Building a Rattle Chamber in a Wooden Fishing LureBuilding a rattle chamber in a wooden fishing lure is the best way to overcome the lack of sound in most wooden fishing lures.

Despite being incredible fish catchers, most wooden lures lack the ability to make any kind of rattling or clicking sound. This is due to the fact that wooden lure bodies are inherently solid. They have no natural chambers in which to place rattles.

This tutorial will show you how to overcome that problem by building a rattle chamber in a wooden fishing lure. This will set your wooden lures apart from others by adding an internal rattle. Rattles can sometimes mean the difference between catching or not catching fish.

This method requires some tools, which are listed in the video below. And always be sure to use the appropriate safety gear and work methods to prevent injury!

You’ll need a few parts and components for this project. We’ve listed them at the very end of this article.

As with any project like this, watch the video and learn the method from a proven, experienced lure maker. Kermett Adams has been doing this for a very long time and makes some beautiful lures that catch big fish.

But don’t be afraid to experiment a little and improvise to come up with new ideas that might work better for you. You never know if something will work until you try it yourself 🙂

Enjoy the video.

Items used for this project:

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