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How to Make Holographic 3D Eyes for Fishing Lures

How to Make Holographic 3D Eyes for Fishing Lures

How to Make Holographic 3D Eyes for Fishing LuresMaking homemade lures, especially wood lures, requires that you add some kind of eye to the lure before it’s finished. Many people opt to buy eyes that are already made, and simply stick them on. But some people want to know how to make holographic 3D eyes for fishing lures because they want their lure to be 100% custom made.

Today’s blog post will show you How to Make Holographic 3D Eyes for Fishing Lures, step by step. It’s not a complicated process, but it does have a few steps involved.

Keep in mind that there are many different ways to Make Holographic 3D Eyes for Fishing Lures, so the method covered here is just one of them. But this particular method works well and can be completed by just about anyone with the right tools, the right components to work with and a a little bit of their time.

Let’s Get Started

The first step you’ll need to take is to print some eyes on adhesive backed decal paper. Then you will need to cut the printed eyes into smaller sheets of paper to make them easier to work with.

The smaller sheets are then placed in water for a short time (40-50 seconds), and then placed onto holographic foil. Once secured onto the foil, each individual eye is stamped out using a leather hole punch.

The individual eyes are then placed onto screw heads with a bit of glue, allowing a small amount of epoxy to be placed onto the top of each one. A heat gun is then used to remove any air bubbles that might have formed in the epoxy.

Let the epoxy cure until fully hardened. Then, removes the eyes from the drying rack, peel and enjoy!

For this process you’ll need a few things. We’ve listed everything below, underneath the video.

Items used for this project:

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