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How to Tie Your Own Walleye Spinner Rigs

How to Tie Your Own Walleye Spinner Rigs

How to Tie Your Own Walleye Spinner RigsIf you fish for Walleye, you’ll want to learn How to Tie Your Own Walleye Spinner Rigs. Walleye are one of the most sought after gamefish species in many regions of the world.

Walleye are known for their great taste on the table and their prowess as a predator fish.

As with most gamefish, there are many ways to catch Walleye. Some people prefer to use live bait, while others like artificial lures.

Another method combines the two, using an artificial lure tipped with live bait. The spinner rig featured in this article is one such lure. It comprises spinner blades and plastic beads, while allowing for worms, night crawlers or minnows to be used for added attraction.

In today’s video, an avid Walleye angler demonstrates How to Tie Your Own Walleye Spinner Rigs. Making your own rigs not only saves you cash, but it also means you can create the custom colors and combinations you want. You’re no longer limited by what’s available on the shelves of your local tackle shop. Instead, your imagination is the only limit on what you can make.

The process of tying Your Own Walleye Spinner Rigs is pretty simple and straight forward. The trickiest part is probably tying the knots, but that’s demonstrated really well in the video below.

What’s even better is that there are no tools required to make these, with the exception of a pair of nail clippers. So you won’t need to go digging through your toolbox to find any special tools.

Items used for this project:

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