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How to Make a Flying C Spinner Fishing Lure

How to Make a Flying C Spinner Fishing Lure

how to make a flying c spinner fishing lureThe Flying C Spinner is a fishing lure that’s been around for a very long time and has accounted for the catch of hundreds of thousands of fish!

As with just about any lure, you can buy a Flying C spinner lure at retail stores or from various retailers online. But you can also make them yourself at home, saving you a ton of money and giving you the opportunity to tweak and fine tune the lure. This allows you to make it look the way you want it to look, instead of being stuck with what the factory says it should look like.

So today’s blog post will show you how to make a flying c spinner fishing lure yourself, opening the doors for you to catch fish on a lure you made, and saving you some cash in the process 🙂

The featured video today was put together by Paul Adams and, as always, Paul goes into great detail when it comes to creating the lure from items you make and shape yourself. Keep in mind, though, that at the bottom of this post, we will give you links where you can find most of the items used to make this lure, but without having to shape or form it all yourself. This saves you a ton of time and gives you a finished lure that looks as good, if not better than the retail versions.

Flying C spinner

This is a beautiful example of a flying c spinner made using a factory-made blade and hair or bucktail for a lure dressing.

Paul shows you how to bend and shape your own spinner blade, bend and shape the wire that holds everything together. He then shows us how to assemble everything properly to make a lure that works well and will attract fish. He even mentions items that you can use to create your lure that aren’t typically used in lure making, such as heat shrink tubing.

Using these alternative materials works fine if you want to spend the time cutting and shaping them. But if you prefer to save time and create a lure with a more “polished” look, please refer to our list of items below, where you can buy professionally manufactured components that allow you to make a flying c spinner fishing lure simply by assembling the parts.

So grab a notepad and a pencil and get ready to take notes as Paul walks you through the lure-making process in the video immediately below.

Items used for this project:

Spinner Blades
Stainless Steel Wire
Spinner Hooks
Hook Dressings
Colored Tubing

Lure Beads

You can check out Paul’s blog by Clicking Here.

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