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How to Get More Vibration From Your Spinnerbaits

How to Get More Vibration From Your Spinnerbaits

How to Get More Vibration From Your SpinnerbaitsSpinnerbaits catch lots of bass. Plain and simple. But there are ways to tweak them to make them catch even more bass! Today we’re going to talk about How to Get More Vibration From Your Spinnerbaits, giving you an advantage that will put more bass in your boat.

What Shape and Size?

Most people know that the shape and size of the blades on your spinnerbait will determine how much they vibrate. Some people, though, don’t understand how much difference the blades can make.

These People Are Missing Out on Lots of Bass!

How to Get More Vibration From Your SpinnerbaitsColorado blades are, by far, the best blades for creating lots of vibration. They are superior to willow leaf blades and Indiana blades. Their big, round shape moves a lot of water as they spin. And the amount of water they move helps attract more fish.

This is super important in specific conditions, such as muddy water, stained water, low-light conditions and after dark.

The bigger the blade, the more water it moves, and the more vibration it creates.

Blades or Wire?

What most people don’t realize, though, when it comes to How to Get More Vibration From Your Spinnerbaits, is that the wire you use to make your spinnerbaits also has a huge impact on vibration.

Different gauges and types of wire can either enhance or dampen vibration.

Heavy wire stifles vibration. It’s stiff, and it doesn’t “give” as the blade rotates. This muffles the vibration of the blade.

Lighter wire allows the blade to move freely. And this movement gets transmitted to the wire, sending more vibrations out into the water. The bass feel these vibrations, which attracts them to the lure.

Knowing which blades to choose and which types and sizes of wire to use is critical to building a spinnerbait that will vibrate as much as possible.

If you want to learn all you need to know about How to Get More Vibration From Your Spinnerbaits, be sure to watch the video below! It’s stuffed full of tips and tricks that will help you immensely.

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Make A Spinnerbait for Night Fishing

Make A Spinnerbait for Night FishingNight fishing for bass isn’t as popular as daytime fishing. But that doesn’t mean it’s not effective! Read on to learn how to make a spinnerbait for night fishing that will catch more bass than any other lure you choose to try.

It’s no secret that big bass like to feed after dark, especially during the warmer months. Big bass are easier to fool after dark, since they are less able to detect anything about your lure that shows them that it’s not real.

As you set out to Make A Spinnerbait for Night Fishing, there are a few very important things you can do to make your spinnerbaits catch far more fish than spinnerbaits sold in stores. And that is exactly what we will be discussing in this article.

Bait Sizes

The size of the spinnerbait you throw after dark is one of the biggest factors that will help you catch bigger fish. When you Make A Spinnerbait for Night Fishing, it has to be bulky. It needs to be big enough to create a commotion that will get the attention of a big bass and get that bass to attack it.

The depth of the water you’ll be fishing will also be a factor. Deeper water will require a heavier bait. But it’s important to remember that deep is relative for whatever body of water you’re fishing. So, here’s a rule of thumb for night spinnerbait sizing.

If the water is 6 feet deep or less, a 1/2 oz. bait will be sufficient. If you’re fishing 6-12 feet, bump it up to a 3/4 oz. bait. Water deeper than this will require a 1 oz. bait, preferably with a bit smaller blade than you would use for shallow water. The smaller blade will allow the bait to stay down deeper where it can hug the bottom better.

Bait Color

Big Bass Caught at Night on a SpinnerbaitNight fishing spinnerbaits will almost always work best in dark colors. Black and purple are both good colors. Blades also don’t need to be bright, so there is no need to use bright, shiny blades when you Make A Spinnerbait for Night Fishing.

Brass blades are a great choice for night spinnerbaits because they don’t give off as much shine as the plated blades do. And a brass blade will usually get duller over time, making it more effective in low-light conditions.

Choosing the Right Wire

One of the biggest keys to making a spinnerbait that works well after dark is making sure that it gives off as much vibration as possible. Bass feed at night primarily by vibration, using the lateral line to detect motion and find their prey.

Heavy wire robs a lure of much of its vibration, so lighter wire is best. Stick to wires between .35 and .40 diameter. Keep in mind, also, that R-bend wire is better than the wire with the twisted eye when it comes to allowing the wire to vibrate as much as possible.

Best Blade for Night Fishing

Hammered Colorado BladeThe undisputed king of blades for night fishing is the Colorado blade. A spinnerbait with a single Colorado blade will create far more vibration than any other blade style or combination.

Blades in the size 6 – 8 range will work best, depending the depth you plan on fishing.

1/2 baits will work well with a size 6 or 7, while heavier baits will be better equipped with a size 7 or size 8.

Keep in mind that the depth you’ll be fishing will also come into play when choosing a blade size. Fishing water deeper than 8-10 feet is usually best done with blades in the size 6 or 7 range on a heavy bait. Bigger blades will tend to give the bait too much “lift”, causing it to rise out of the strike zone when retrieved.

Skirt Colors

As with the color of the lure body, the color of your skirt should also be dark. Black, or a combination of Black & Blue or Black & Purple will work well anywhere.

Sometimes it pays to experiment with other secondary colors to mix with the black. Red or blue will also work well.

Just remember that the primary goal of the skirt is to help present a bulky profile, so the darker colors help with creating that look by creating a better silhouette in low-light conditions.

What About The Swivel?

For the swivel, keep it simple. Use only a ball bearing swivel. You’ll want that large Colorado blade to spin easily. The best way to make sure that happens is by using a high-quality swivel that turns as easily as possible.

Putting it All Together

Once you’ve chosen your components and decided on the size of the lure you want to build, it’s time to assemble it all. You can watch the short video below for a quick how-to demo.

Once you’ve put a few of these together, go out and enjoy catching big bass after dark!

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Spinnerbait and Buzzbait Mods to Catch More Fish

Spinnerbait and Buzzbait Mods to Catch More Fish

Spinnerbait and Buzzbait Mods to Catch More FishIt’s no secret that spinnerbaits and buzzbaits catch a ton of fish. Even cheap retail baits right out of the package can work really well.

The problem, though, is that everybody and their brother throw spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. This makes them very recognizable to the fish you’re trying to catch.

Picture this: You hit the local tackle shop or major retailer and buy yourself a handful of new lures.

While you’re there making your purchase, a half dozen other anglers are doing the same thing. They might not be there in the store when you are, but they will be at some point. And guess what. They’re buying the same exact lures you’re buying. And they’re throwing them on the same lake as you, targeting the same fish as you.

That’s a recipe for some tough fishing days, with everyone using the same lures.

So what can you do to fix this problem? It’s simple! Make your lure look and act differently than the rest of them. It’s not hard to do and it doesn’t cost much, either. Stick with us here and keep reading. By the time you’re finished, you have learned some spinnerbait and buzzbait mods to catch more fish 🙂

So what can you to change the look of your spinnerbait, buzzbait or bladed jig? Well, the style of these baits is pretty much the same, no matter who makes them. It’s just part of their inherent design.

But the overall look of a bait can be changed drastically with a little tweaking and experimentation. This is where our little tips and tricks come in.

Take a look at the blades on your spinnerbait, buzzbait or bladed jig. For the most part, they’re usually pretty ordinary. Like we said, they all tend to look the same, no matter who makes them. Right?

Well, here’s where you can set yours apart and make them stand out in the crowd.

Show Stopper Willow Blade StickersThere are some pretty inexpensive products available that can turn your spinnerbait, buzzbait or bladed jig into a fish-catching machine, even on pressured lakes. And they only take a minute or two to install on your lures. And your lure is transformed instantly into a new one, with a completely different look.

OK… no more teasing you! Here’s the “secret sauce”, so to speak. It’s called lure tape.

What’s lure tape? It’s self-adhesive tape that has various types of reflective patterns on it. It excels at giving your bladed baits a new look, to set them apart from the crowd and give them new appeal. And it does that without having to buy another new lure.

Holographic Blade StickersLure tape can also be used to breathe new life into an old lure when the blades have become old and dull. Blades that are worn and don’t flash much anymore won’t attract as many fish. Lure tape is a great way to fix that too.

Another advantage with lure tape is that you can instantly change the appearance of a lure temporarily, based on conditions you happen to encounter on the water.

When conditions change, or if you hit another body of water, remove the sticker and revert right back to the look that the lure had prior to using the lure tape.

Lure tape can be bought in a myriad of colors. It can also be bought in pre-cut shapes, for specific blade shapes and sizes, or you can buy a roll of it and cut it to fit whatever you need it to fit! You can even buy a lure sticker assortment that has a bunch of different colors, sizes and shapes already cut for you. You just peel and stick them on.

You can also buy it in rolls of a specific color. This allows you to cut it at whatever length you need and then shape it to the lure you want to change the look of.

Oh, and don’t be mistaken and think that this will only work for blades on spinnerbaits. It can be used on crankbaits, bladed jigs, buzzbait blades and other lures too. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to spinnerbait and buzzbaits mods to catch more fish.

So check out the video below. It will give you some cool ideas as to how lure stickers can be used to spruce up a lure or change the look of it completely. Enjoy!

Items used for this project:

Prism Tape Rolls
Blade Stickers
Dancer Jig Blade Stickers
Holographic Lure Stickers
Sonar Bait Stickers
Holographic Disco Tape

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